What’s the Solution? | Short Stories

One day for the first time, I was preparing fresh lime water. While preparing I ended up adding five-time the lemon juice amount than it needed. The resulting lime water was a disaster. It was so sour that no one could even take one sip of it. Now, I had to make it right anyhow. I wish I could remove extra lemon juice from the water but some things can never be undone. There is no way to remove lemon juice from the water.

So what’s the solution?

The only way to correct it was to add four more glasses of water to the already made lime water and dilute the lemon juice to make five glasses of fresh lime water.

Now, if we think about life it’s the same. Sometimes we do things that cannot be undone. Some wrong decisions, wrong choices, wrongdoings, wrong actions can never be undone.

So what’s the solution?

When we cannot undo things and correct whatever wrong happened, we should not waste more time on it. It would be like trying to remove lemon juice from lime water. Instead, If things get wrong and cannot be undone then we should get busy adding so many right things in our life that wrong seems insignificant.

We all have negative sides to ourselves and we may not be able to correct all our negativities but we can definitely try to continue adding positive thoughts, actions, people in our lives and dilute negativity.


We all have been through lows in our life and we cannot change that But if we add new highs in our life, we will be able to dilute lows. isn’t it?

In the end, Life will seem “Mostly High”. We all have mistakes in our life and have bitter memories but we can get busy making and adding new happy memories now. We should try to do a lot of good things and concentrate on making life more positive today so that we can dilute bad things whichever happened or done by us in past.

Moral: Everything in your life will never be perfect. Do not waste too much time correcting what is wrong. Get busy doing the right things.

Disclaimer: This story is not intended to offend anyone in any case. This story was added for the training purpose of EduRead Members. Also, this story has been taken from the app 1000+ stories.

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