EduRead Entrepreneurship Growth Hacking Club

EduRead Entrepreneurship Growth Hacking Club

Ever dreamt to build your own small organization? If yes, then you are in right place.
EduRead Entrepreneurship Growth Hacking Club helps you to build a small professional organization of 5-15 team members with the goal to enhance Speaking skills on a regular basis for One year. This club invites and provides you the opportunity and resources to become the President (Leader) of the Club and enhance Entrepreneurial spirit. Members also enjoy the resources and enhance their speaking and organizational skills.

Take actions now to change your Future

In simple words, you are going to build a small organization from scratch and will take it to the level where it will work automatically. For example, Jamsetji Tata builds the Tata group, and sadly he is not running it right now but still, his organization is performing tremendously well. The same thing you are going to do here.


EduRead Entrepreneurship Growth Hacking Club is built on a vision to feed an Entrepreneurial mindset among the students on a small scale.


To encourage Youth & provide a platform to enhance Organizational Skills with great Public Speaking Skills. 

How do we came up with an Idea to start EduRead Entrepreneurship Growth Hacking club?

Abhijeet Anand (Founder@EduRead and Founder@PersonaSLIET) has founded his first professional organization at the age of 15 years when he just passed out from Class 10th and was admitted to SLIET University to pursue a Diploma in Mechanical Engg. He built PersonaSLIET in the first year and made it an official skill development college organization of SLIET University. This is not where he stopped. After completing his Diploma, he took admission in GGSIPU, Delhi to pursue Btech in Electronics & Communication Engg. and started working on an EdTech startup which he launched with the name of EduRead at the age of 18 years.

This story shows that age is just a number. Your self-confidence, perseverance and right mentoring can take you 5 years ahead of your life. Through this, we came up with the idea to start the EduRead Entrepreneurship Growth Hacking Club where the president will build their own small organization with the name of EduRead Club which will help them to get a better job position in the future by understanding the people’s mindset and working nature. Not only this, it can lead them to build their own startup company, NGOs, and a huge network. This transformed us and will do the same for you.


One Year Action Plan:

Benefits of being a President/Member at EduRead Club

Just think, you’ll work on yourself for One year then obviously you’ll upgrade the level of your competency. Let’s know about it in detail.

  • Communication Skills: A good communication skill is the requirement of every domain like you want to work from starting something of your own, to work in any firm, good communication skills will create a positive impact of yours.
  • Listening Skills: In order to become a good communicator, you need to be a good listener. Listening skills help you to engage with the speaker. And when you listen to anyone, you can understand their ideology, mindset and inculcate their knowledge or experience easily.

When you learn these two basic skills then it’ll lead you to learn some more interesting as well as important skills.

  • Persuasive Skills: Persuasive basically means the ability/skills to intentionally and successfully influence (or convince) people by writing or speaking
  • Leadership Skills: In order to become a good leader, you must have leadership skills. And at EduRead Club, you’ll be acting as a leader (President) and can learn and apply these skills in this one year program.
  • Team Work: It is important to learn how to work in a team or how a good team works to lead best results.
  • Mindset: “You become what to think” and here you’ll give a good direction to yourself and your career because you’ll work on yourself and your skills.
  • Habits: We need 21 days to build any habit and for leaving it too. And here you’ll work for one year on many good habits like reading, writing, thinking, speaking, listening and many more and this will make it a discipline of your productive life.
  • Consistency: “Consistency is what transforms average into excellence.”
  • You’ll get recognize as a Leader
  • CV Build-up: These are the skills which will make your CV even more stronger than anyone and make you stand out from the Crowd.

And You can learn and experience all these skills by working just 2hrs per week maximum. Therefore, at last, you’ll lose Nothing but gain tremendously a lot.

What will YOU Learn?

Club Structure:


  • Team Work Certificate (to member)
  • EduRead Special Certificate (to leader)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Monetary

Selection Procedure:

  1. Application shortlist
  2. Final Interview
  3. Start YOUR Club


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