Selling Combs | Short Stories

Long ago in China lived a very successful businessman whose business was to sell combs. The businessman got old and was about to retire.

He had three sons and before retiring he wanted to place his business into wise and able hands. So, he called his sons and gave them an assignment. He instructed them to sell combs in the Buddhist monastery. He told them they have three days for the assignment and report back to him.

His sons were shocked and confused because monks who lived in the monastery were bald and never grew any hair yet all three sons went for the job assigned to them.

After three days, the first son reported to his father that he was able to sell only two combs.

Father asked him, “How were you able to convince them to buy those combs??”
The first son replied, “I told them that they can use those combs for scratching their backs in case of inching..”

After some hours second son came and reported that he was able to sell 10 combs.

Father asked him the same question, “What did you say to them??”
The second son replied, “I advised them if they buy combs and keep them in the monastery that would help their visitors and pilgrims to comb their hairs, as their hairs might be ruffled during the journey..”


Just a few minutes later, the third son came and reported that he was able to sell a thousand combs. Everyone was surprised to know about this surprising figure of thousand combs.

Father was very happy with his result and was curious. He asked him, “Son, you did a wonderful job. How you were able to sell a thousand combs??”

The third son replied, “I went to the monk and gave them an idea.

Idea was that if some of the teachings of Buddha were to be printed or embossed on the comb and given as a takeaway gift to the visitors and pilgrims. They will remember the teachings of Buddha on a daily basis while combing their hair.”

Disclaimer: This story is not intended to offend anyone in any case. This story was added for the training purpose of EduRead Members. Also, this story has been taken from the app 1000+ stories.

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