Reaction & Response! | Short Stories

Story 1: World is a Mirror..!!

Once there was a museum in which there was a room which was made of mirrors. Its wall, roof, and even floor were made of mirrors.

One day caretaker of that museum forgot to lock the back door of the museum which lead directly to that mirror room.

A dog was roaming near that museum and by mistake entered that room. When the dog was in the middle of the room and saw its own reflection and thought of it as that a whole pack of dogs was surrounding him from all sides.

Seeing this dog got scared and started to bark at reflections. The dog could see all the reflections barking at him in some way and because of the mirror’s dog echo back after hitting at mirrors and got magnified. Frightened by it dog started to bark frantically.

The next morning, when the museum guard entered the hall, there he found the lifeless body of the dog. There was no one to harm that dog but yet it died fighting its own reflections.

Moral: Everything around us is a reflection of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. The world acts like a big mirror. So always try to be positive and good to others.

Story 2: Taxi Driver Response..!!

Tony took a taxi and took off for the airport. The taxi driver was driving in the right lane and suddenly another taxi got off its parking space right in front of his taxi.

Tony’s taxi driver applied brakes and they were saved just by an inch from getting into an accident with that taxi.


The driver of another taxi looked back and started yelling at Tony’s taxi driver. His taxi driver didn’t get angry and just smiled and waved in response to him.

Tony was surprised to see this response from his taxi driver and asked him, “Why did you do that?? Weren’t you angry that he almost got us into an accident and it was his mistake and yet he was yelling at you..!!”

The taxi driver explained, “Sir, There are many people who are like a garbage truck. They are full of frustration, anger, disappointments. As all these garbage piles up and they need to dump it and sometimes they will dump it at you.

You don’t have to take it personally and just wave and smile at them and move on. We don’t need to take that garbage and spread it around at home or work..“

Disclaimer: This story is not intended to offend anyone in any case. This story was added for the training purpose of EduRead Members. Also, this story has been taken from the app 1000+ stories.

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2 thoughts on “Reaction & Response! | Short Stories”

  1. Story 1 : We understand from it that what we release in our environment we receive the same, the feelings, the emotions and the thoughts, even though unknowingly.

    Story 2 : We understand from it that we should not mind everyone around us until and unless its very important and discussion is very crucial between the two parties. We should let go when people speak nonsense to us, without taking any headache or getting troubled by them.

  2. Story 1 : It teaches that whatever we release in the environment comes back to us be it thoughts, emotions or words. So we should always release good vibes and energy in our environment to get good results and surrounding.

    Story 2 : It teaches we should let go people when they talk nonsense and never mind and mind our own work because some people are there only to find ways to vent out to unknowns.


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