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American Slang is a language that’s unique and dynamic. It’s ever-evolving, and it has been influenced by the various cultures and ethnicities that have come to the United States. Slang is a vital part of American culture, and it can be challenging for non-native speakers to understand. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 14 American slang terms that you should know.

Lit: This term means that something is exciting, fun, or just plain awesome.

For example, “The party was lit last night.”

Bae: Bae is an abbreviation for “Before Anyone Else.” It’s used as a term of endearment for a romantic partner or a close friend.

For example, “I’m going to the movies with my bae tonight.”

FOMO: This acronym stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.” It’s used to describe the feeling of anxiety or worry that you’re missing out on something exciting or fun.

For example, “I can’t believe I’m missing the concert tonight. I have serious FOMO.”

YOLO: YOLO stands for “You Only Live Once.” It’s used as a mantra to encourage someone to live life to the fullest.

For example, “Let’s take a spontaneous road trip this weekend. YOLO!”

Hangry: This term is a combination of the words “Hungry” and “Angry.” It’s used to describe the feeling of being irritable or short-tempered due to hunger.

For example, “I’m so hungry right now. Let’s grab some food.”

Squad: A squad is a group of friends or colleagues who hang out together regularly.

For example, “My squad and I are hitting up the club tonight.”

Salty: Salty is used to describe someone who is angry or upset.

For example, “Why are you so salty about not getting the job?”

Gucci: This slang term is used to describe something that’s cool or fashionable.

For example, “Those new shoes you bought are Gucci.”

Thirsty: Thirsty is used to describe someone who is desperate or eager for attention.

For example, “Why is that guy always hitting on every girl he meets? He’s so thirsty.”

Ghosting: Ghosting is a term used when someone suddenly stops responding to texts or calls without any explanation.

For example, “I can’t believe he ghosted me after we went on two great dates.”

Clap back: This term means to respond to someone who has insulted or criticized you in a clever or witty way.

For example, “I can’t believe she said that to me. I had to clap back with a sassy comment.”

On fleek: On fleek is used to describe something that’s perfect or flawless.

For example, “Her makeup is on fleek today.”

Ratchet: Ratchet is used to describe something or someone that’s unrefined or of poor quality.

For example, “Those ratchet shoes are falling apart.”

Tea: Tea is used to describe gossip or juicy information.

For example, “Did you hear the tea about Sarah and Tom?”


    In conclusion, American slang is a fascinating language that has been shaped by various cultures and influences. These top 14 slang terms are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are countless other words and phrases that you can learn. So, if you want to understand American culture better, start incorporating some of these slang terms into your vocabulary.

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