FREE Public Speaking Training

Students are not getting the right place to learn & practice Public Speaking and the environment to speak in English for FREE. Here, EduRead came up with an IDEA to provide FREE Public Speaking Training in the English Language. Not only this, those who will qualify the Training with Distinction. They will be eligible for the Cash Rewards. Students can avail the whole Training opportunity from home.

Why is Public Speaking Training important for all?

  • Effective Public Speaking helps to express thoughts and feelings.
  • Public Speaking is for people of every domain such as engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs and more. It opens the doors of opportunities and creates a good impression in front of the people.
  • Public Speaking is an evergreen skill and can be helpful in personal life.
  • Good Public Speaking skills gives the confidence to stand in front of the people to showcase leadership skills.

Why should you take the EduRead Public Speaking Training?

  • It’s totally FREE Interactive sessions.
  • Chance to showcase practical leadership skills. (Just imagine, once you become facilitator, you will lead the students who are completely unknown to you and there you have to make the class interesting so that they can enjoy and re-join the session next day)
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  • Opportunity to know different people from different places.
  • Complete practical based learning through games and activities.

What will you learn?

Sessions will be held 15 days alternatively within one month and you will learn about How to influence people, invent speech, win verbal disputes, deliver the speech, Elements of Speech, Secret of Success, and make persuasive sales presentations.

Procedure and details to Get the FREE EduRead Public Speaking Training

Perks of Public Speaking Training:

  1. Certificate with Distinction: Who passes all the criteria (70% attendance, 70% tasks, 70% in Test 01 and 25% in Test 02)
  2. Certificate of Graduation: Who passes the criteria (70% attendance, 70% task and 70% in Test 1 and 70% Test 2)
  3. Certificate of Experience: Who maintain 70% in tasks, 70% attendance and 70% in Test 1
  4. Cash Rewards: Rs. 100/- cash reward to the candidate who Graduate with Distinction.

What Students say about this Training?

Transformation after Public Speaking Training

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