EduReadTalk – Software Engineering Jobs

Recruitment Process for Software Engineers: 

The recruitment process is as same as other companies:

  1. Resume Shortlisting – Through Referrals or Normal Channels 
  2. Online Tests 
  3. Technical Round – Mostly related to Algorithms and Data Structure 
  4. Behavioral Round – Related to Projects, behavior, and Management 
  5. Final Interview 

What to Prepare?

For Technical Rounds, We need to prepare mostly for Data Structures and Algorithms. After that, let’s talk about the course subjects. For Software Engineers, you have to work on OS, OOPs, and Networking. Being a Software Engineer, language is also the most important thing, so you also have to get specialization in any language but try to learn the most updated and latest language like Python, C#. You can also go through C++, Java, and PHP as these are the basics. One or more college projects on any one language above can also boost your resume and chances to get selected. For some cases or companies also prepare for basic aptitude and puzzle questions. 

How to Prepare?

First, create a single-page Resume of yours and make sure to maintain your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is widely used and also you can say Facebook for Professionals, so maintaining a good LinkedIn profile will create a good image in the professional world.  

Learn at least one High-Level Language from the internet or class or by creating some projects (Practical knowledge is more effective than bookish knowledge). So, make or work on at least one/two college/class/group projects. This will help you in building your Resume or Linkedin Profile as well as it will also help you to grow your practical knowledge and clear your concepts. Make sure to practice problems on paper and different coding platforms (Practice Makes a Man Perfect) also and prepare notes so that you will remember the basics (Basic Knowledge works as pillars). 


Some Tips for Data Structure and Algorithms Rounds:

  • Array linked lists and recursion
  • Stack, queue, priority queue and heaps  
  • Binary search, insertion, quick and merge sort  
  • Tree traversal ways 
  • Graphs traversals (DFS/BFS)  
  • Greedy algorithms 
  • Dynamic programming  
  • Backtracking

Behavioural, Project, and HR Rounds (Some Tips and Sources):

  •  Prepare some famous puzzles 


  • Write a one-line description of your project

Explanation: Objective, Solution by the team, Your contribution, Learning 

Job/Internship at Flipkart:

  • Optional hackerrank test (Arrays, DP, String, Maths): 60 mins 
  • Machine coding round: 120 mins 

(Example: 2048 game, cache system, parking lot system, snake and ladder, sudoku) Focus: functionality, OOPs, extensibility and readability 

Job/Internship at Oracle:

Campus Placement: 4 Rounds (1 Test+3 F2F) 

  • Test- Aptitude, DS+Algo 
  • F2F- DS+Algo 
  • OOPs, Databases 
  • Projects, Behavioural Questions 

Off-Campus (Apply through LinkedIn, naukri.com, Careers Page) Same steps as on-campus 


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