EduRead Sponsors

EduRead Sponsership

EduRead is inviting all individual/companies/institutes to feature their work/company to our unique audience through our platform EduRead Students Club. 

What is EduRead Student Club?

EduRead Student Club helps students to improve their Career Skills by conducting several different practical activities every month in a team.

Mission: To help 10,00,000+ students to learn career development skills and practice it in their day-to-day routine

Features for Sponsors

  • Personalized Blogs

  • Social Media Post

  • Personalized Content will be shared to our uniques audience

  • Sponsorship Page Space

  • Offer club membership to their students

Feedback from OUR Students!


1. Connect

2. Pay

3. Enjoy the Features


Q. What benefits will I enjoy as EduRead Sponsor?

Ans: A lot of benefits anyone can enjoy as EduRead Sponsor are: 

1. We will feature you on our platform
2. Your personalized details will be shared on our blog section (blog will be created by us which you can use it further)
3. We’ll feature you on our soical media
4. Your institute/company and it’s details will be shared with our unique students
5. You’ll be featured on our sponsor space of our web page
6. Your students can also join our EduRead Student Club for FREE and can learn different career skills 

Q. How can I become EduRead Sponsor?

Ans: The Process is very simple:

1. Connect with us
2. Pay 
3. Enjoy our features 

Q. Are there any discounts for my students?

Ans: Yes. They can join our EduRead Student Club for FREE and learn many different important skills to develop their career.

Q. How can I share my details?

Ans. You just have to fill a simple form shared by the connected person and you can add all the details you want to share with us and our community.