EduRead Student Club

EduRead Student Club

EduRead Student Club helps students to improve their Career Skills by conducting several different practical activities every month in a team.

Mission: To help 10,00,000+ students to learn career development skills and practice it in their day-to-day routine

Activity Calendar of 2022

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Q. What are the benefits of joining EduRead Student Club?

Ans: A lot of benefits anyone can enjoy through this club like:
1. Rewards and Valuable Certificate
2. Self Development 
3. Gain Leadership Experience
4. Improvement in Public Speaking Skills
5. Overcome from Stage Fear

Q. What will we learn in the EduRead Student Club?

Ans: Get to learn about:

1. Rhetoric
2. Inventions of speech
3. Arrangement 
4. Delivery
And many more…

Q. What is the procedure to join the club as student?

Ans: The procedure is very simple:

1. Fill the Application Form
2. Application Shortlist
3. Intro Video
4. Membership Confirmation Mail

Q. What is the procedure to join the Club as a Leader?

Ans. The process would be:

1. Fill the Leadership Form after joining the Group

2. Perform the Leadership Assessment
3. Based on Assessment, the Team Leader will be finalized by the Head Coordinator.

Q. What will be the Procedure of Team Formation?

Ans: The process would be:

1. The Team Leader will create a Pitch Video (mentioning why other team members should join his/her team) and share it with the Head Coordinator.

2. Other Team Members will select their Team Leader by commenting on Google Sheet after watching their pitch video. (It’ll take place as first come, first serve basis)

3. Final team announcement will be done by the Head Coordinator.

Q. What will be the Procedure of becoming Head Coordinator?

Ans: The process would be:

1. Apply for the position

2. Review of Performance 

3. Interview Round

4. Final Results

Q. Will I get a certificate even if I fail to perform the task?

Ans: No, You have to fulfill the passing criteria to be eligible for the Certificate.

Q. How will the club help me, other than the rewards/certification?

Ans: This club will boost your confidence and public speaking skills which is a basic requirement of professional and personal life. Through this club, you will overcome fear and will be able to deliver your speech/thoughts fluently without any hesitation to anyone, even in a crowd. 

Q. What are the criteria for getting selected for the club?

Ans: Your application should reflect your determination and interest in work.

Q. How can I apply?

Ans: You can easily apply by filling the application form.

Q. What are the Perks of Monthly Activity performed in EduRead Student Club?


• The 1st Rank Team will receive a Gold Certificate

• The 2nd Rank Team will receive a Silver Certificate

• The 3rd Rank Team will receive a Bronze Certificate

• Other Teams will receive Participation Certificate

• All Team Leaders will receive Leadership Certificate

Q. What are the Perks of EduRead Student Club?


• All Team Members will receive a separate Certificate for Joining the Club (No. of months will be mentioned)

• Also, if someone has become the team leader then he/she will receive it separately. (No. of month will be mentioned)

Q. I am a school student, can I apply?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Will the training affect my academics?

Ans: Yes. You come to see a positive effect on your academics and performance in your class.

Q. What will be the EduRead Club Member’s Monthly Action Plan?

Ans: It goes like:
Learning – 1st week of the month

• Activities – 2nd & 3rd week of the month
• Results of the Month – 4th week

Q. What are the different job roles and responsibilities at EduRead Student Club?

Ans: Mainly there are 3 Job roles for the EduRead Student Club and they are:

1. Head Coordinator (will coordinate the whole club) (Commitment Fees: Rs. 499/-)
2. Team Leader (will handle 1-10 members) (FREE)
3. Members (FREE)

Q. On what virtual platform the classes will be conducted?

Ans: You can choose a platform according to your convenience like Google Meet and Zoom are widely used throughout the Globe.

Q. I have a stage fear, will I be able to join the EduRead Student Club?

Ans: Yes. You can overcome fear through EduRead Student Club

Q. I don’t have a laptop or pc, will that affect my performance in Club?

Ans: No.