Claim & Support


  • What are Claims and Support?
  • Do’s and Dont’s of Claim and Support
  • Examples

What is Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning?

Claim is :

  •  A Statement you present as factually correct. It is your stance on what you want to argue about 

A Claim must be supported by : 


Facts that give valid support to your claim 

Reasoning : 

Reasons which can interest the other person to accept your evidence 

Do’s and Don’ts of a Good Claim 

A Good Claim:

Must Not be : 

  • A Question 
  •  An Opinion ( I think, I believe, I  feel)

Must  be : 

  • Clear 
  • Specific 

It must be said with assertiveness 

A Good Evidence must have:

  • Numbers 
  • Quotations
  • Cite 
  • Observations 

The above sources must come from a reliable source of information 

A Good Reasoning must be : 

  • Beneficial for the listener 
  • Backed by data 
  • Reliable 


  1. Claim : 

Pet Dogs are better than pet cats 

Evidence and Reasoning :

According to a pilot survey done on 500000 dog owners and 500000 cat owners by Animal Welfare Institute, Dog owners enjoy a significantly higher percentage (more than 90%) of people with better emotional support, improved mood, and high morale.  -> Evidence

According to medical research by WTO, High morale improves our blood circulation, focus, and productivity -> Reasoning

2. Claim: 

I will achieve great success by perusing a career of my interests


Evidence and Reasoning :

In the last 10 projects which I have taken out of passion,  I have received an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5. I have also received more than 20 awards in less than 1 year from various organizations. For success, one needs determination, willpower, and willingness, which is a byproduct of following a career of interest. -> Evidence

According to a study by Harvard University, people who pursue careers of their interests are happier, richer, and more focused.  -> Reasoning

3. Claim: 

I am the best candidate for this job 

Evidence and Reasoning : 

In my last employment, I made a sale of INR 5 Lacs in a span of 1 month and won the employee of the month award -> Evidence

My experience in interacting with international clients in my journey will add great value in winning important conversations like negotiation deals, handling difficult clients, etc.  -> Reasoning

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