USS Arizona Memorial: Honoring the Heroes of Pearl Harbor

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The History of the USS Arizona
  3. Attack on Pearl Harbor
  4. Construction and Design of the Memorial
  5. Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial
  6. Exhibits and Artifacts
  7. Paying Respect to the Fallen
  8. Impact and Significance
  9. The Legacy of USS Arizona
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQs


The USS Arizona Memorial stands as a solemn tribute to the brave servicemen who lost their lives during the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, the memorial provides a poignant reminder of the events that unfolded on December 7, 1941 and serves as a testament to the resilience and sacrifice of the American people during World War II. Pay tribute to the heroes of Pearl Harbor at the USS Arizona Memorial. Learn about their courage and sacrifice in this memorial dedicated to the Pearl Harbor heroes.

The History of the USS Arizona

The USS Arizona was a Pennsylvania-class battleship commissioned by the United States Navy in 1916. Throughout its service, it played a vital role in various operations, including World War I. However, it is most famously remembered for its tragic fate during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Attack on Pearl Harbor

On that fateful morning of December 7, 1941, Japanese aircraft launched a surprise assault on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. The USS Arizona was one of the primary targets of the attack. A bomb struck the ship, causing a catastrophic explosion that led to its sinking within minutes. The attack claimed the lives of 1,177 crew members, making it one of the greatest losses of life in US naval history.

Construction and Design of the Memorial

The USS Arizona Memorial was designed by architect Alfred Preis and was dedicated on May 30, 1962. The memorial features a striking design that symbolizes both the tragedy and hope that emerged from the events of Pearl Harbor. It consists of a white structure spanning the sunken battleship, with open-air walkways and large windows offering visitors a view of the sunken ship below.

Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial

To visit the USS Arizona Memorial, visitors must first arrive at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. From there, they board a Navy-operated shuttle boat that takes them to the memorial site. The journey across the tranquil waters of Pearl Harbor provides a moment of reflection before reaching the memorial itself.

Exhibits and Artifacts

The visitor center houses various exhibits and artifacts that offer a deeper understanding of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. Exhibits include photographs, personal memorabilia, and historical accounts that provide a glimpse into the lives of the servicemen who served on the ship.

Paying Respect to the Fallen

As visitors step onto the memorial, a sense of reverence fills the air. The sunken hull of the USS Arizona serves as a solemn resting place for those who remain entombed within its confines. It is a place of remembrance and reflection, honoring the bravery and sacrifice of those who gave their lives in service to their country.

Impact and Significance

The USS Arizona Memorial holds immense historical and emotional significance. It serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of war and the resilience of the American people. The memorial stands as a symbol of unity and honors the courage displayed by the people who served during World War II. It also serves as a catalyst for conversations about peace, understanding, and the importance of preserving history.

The Legacy of USS Arizona

The legacy of the USS Arizona extends beyond its tragic end at Pearl Harbor. The ship and its memorial continue to inspire future generations, reminding us of the sacrifices made by those who came before us.


The USS Arizona Memorial stands as a powerful tribute to the fallen heroes of Pearl Harbor. It offers visitors an opportunity to remember, reflect, and honor the bravery of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The memorial serves as a testament to the resilience and strength of the American spirit and a reminder of the importance of preserving the lessons of the past.


1. Can I visit the USS Arizona Memorial without reservation?
No, due to its popularity and limited capacity, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

2. Are there any fees to visit the memorial?
While access to the USS Arizona Memorial is free, there is a small fee for parking and the optional audio tour.

3. How long does a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial take?
A typical visit, including the boat ride and time at the memorial, lasts approximately 75 minutes.

4. Can I take photographs inside the memorial?
Photography is permitted, but visitors are asked to be respectful and refrain from using flash photography.

5. Are there any age restrictions for visiting the memorial?
There are no age restrictions, and the memorial welcomes visitors of all ages. However, young children should be supervised at all times.

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