EduRead FREE Public Speaking Training


Learning Opportunity:

• Public Speaking 
• Leadership Skills 
• Persuasive Skills 

FREE Public Speaking Training will be Provided. (LIVE on Google Meet)

  • Training Certification
    (for Phase 1 – If criteria is fulfilled)
  • Experience Certification (for Phase 2)
Procedure of selection:

1. Application shortlist

2. 1-Month Public Speaking Training (Phase 1).

3. Shortlisted on the basis of performance during training.

4. Interview

5. 1-Month Training (Phase 2)


2 Months 
• 1-month: Phase 1 training 
• 1-month: Phase 2 training

rewards for Phase 2 Training:

1. Graduate 15 students with distinction

 Rs. 1500/month

2. Graduate 10 students with distinction

Rs. 1000/month

3. Graduate 5 students with distinction

Rs. 500/month

Note: Rs. 100 reward on each graduated with distinction.

EduRead promise you that this 2-months Training will enhance your Self-esteem if you devote yourself completely.

Kindly select the facilitator and fill their respective form

EduRead (ERF-000)

Note: If all the applications are closed then you can apply here.

Abhijeet Anand (ERF-001)

Batch is Closed

Batch Starts from 8th January 2021 to 8th February 2022

Timing: 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Riya Sharma (ERF-030)

Batch Starts from 15th April 2022 to15th May 2022

Timing: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Akshita (ERF-029)

Batch is On-Going

Batch Starts from 8th March 2022 to 8th April 2022

Timing: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Vibha Khandare(ERF-031)

Batch Starts from 16th April 2022 to 16th May 2022

Timing: 6:30pm – 7:30pm


Q. What are the benefits of taking the training?

Ans: A lot of benefits anyone can enjoy through this training like:
1. Rewards and Valuable Certificate
2. Self Development 
3. Gain Leadership Experience
4. Improvement in Public Speaking Skills
5. Overcome from Stage Fear

Q. What is the total duration of training?

Ans: 2 months training on Public Speaking 

      • 1-month for Phase 1 training
1-month for Phase 2 training 

Q. What will we learn in the training?

Ans: Get to learn about:

1. Rhetoric
2. Inventions of speech
3. Arrangement 
4. Delivery
And many more…

Q. Can I start the Phase 2 training without doing Phase 1 training?

Ans: No, You have to complete and pass the Phase 1 Training then only you’ll be eligible for the Phase 2.

Q. What is the procedure of training selection?

Ans: The procedure is very simple:

1. Application Shortlist
2. One Month Public Speaking Training (Phase 1)
3. Shortlisted on the based of Performance during training
4. Interview Round
5. One month Phase 2 Training

Q. Will I get a certificate even if I fail in the training?

Ans: No, You have to fulfill the passing criteria to be eligible for the Certificate.

Q. How will the training help me, other than the rewards/certification?

Ans: This training will boost your confidence and public speaking skills which is a basic requirement of professional and personal life. Through this training, you will overcome fear and will be able to deliver your speech/thoughts fluently without any hesitation to anyone, even in a crowd. 

Q. What should be the perspective of an individual for this training?

Ans: Look this training with eyes of EduRead: 

   1. Facilitator is not a teacher but a role model and a leader

   2. EduRead considers you as a team member and we are completely dedicated and focused to improve the quality of students. So, now you do the same.

   3. This training is not about Certificate and reward but to enhance skills of yours and others. Also, gain new experience of platform and position.

   4. Connect and build your network for professional growth.

Q. Will we have to find and collect students for our batch or will the students be provided by EduRead?

Ans: You have to collect your students. EduRead will forward your application with their known colleges and partners.

Q. How to get 16 students in your batch?


   • Create video and share on your social media about your learning and invite them to join your batch.

   • Join several social media groups and drop the message.

   • Invite your school and college friends.

Q. Can I shift from one training batch to another?

Ans: No, you can’t shift your batch in between the training. Once you complete the training in one batch then only you can shift.

Q. What are the criteria for getting selected for the training?

Ans: Your application should reflect your determination and interest in work.

Q. If I fail to pass the internship training will I be able to apply again?

Ans: Yes. You can apply as many times as you want for this training program.

Q. Will I have to start my batch just after passing or can I take a break and then start?

Ans: You can take a break for a maximum of 1-month. If you took a 2-month break, you have to appear for the Interview Round again and start your phase 2 training.

Q. Can I select my friends or relatives as students in my batch?

Ans: Yes, Of course

Q. How can I apply?

Ans: You can easily apply by choosing your facilitator and filling their respective application form.

Q. What type of tests will be conducted for selection?

Ans: There will be two tests conducted during your training. 

      • One to check your presentation skills you learned in the training
      • Another is to check your persuasive skills 

Q. How will I get my reward?

Ans: You’ll receive your reward through online channels only like UPI, etc.

Q. I am a school student, can I apply?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Can I create more than one batch at the same time?

Ans: If you are comfortable in doing that, you can, but your performance quality should not affect your classes.

Q. Will the internship affect my academics?

Ans: Yes. You come to see a positive effect on your academics and performance in your class.

Q. On what virtual platform the classes will be conducted?

Ans: You can choose a platform according to your convenience like Google Meet and Zoom are widely used throughout the Globe.

Q. How much attendance is necessary to pass?

Ans: Minimum of 80% is required to be eligible.

Q. Will the classes be conducted daily or on alternative days?

Ans: The classes will be on an alternate basis.

Q. I have a stage fear, will I be able to do the Phase 2 Training?

Ans: Yes. You can overcome fear through Phase 1 of EduRead FREE Public Speaking Training Program.

Q. How much reward will I get?

Ans: On every graduate with distinction from your batch you’ll receive Rs. 100

Q. Can I apply for more than one training batch?

Ans: No.

Q. Can I get help in public speaking after completing the training?

Ans: Yes. The main motive of this training is to help everyone in their speaking and communication skills.

Q. I don’t have a laptop or pc, will that affect my training?

Ans: No.

Q. What is the difference between Graduate and Graduate with distinction?

Ans: You graduate if you receive 80/100 marks in either of the Presentation Test (Test-1) or Persuasive Test (Test-2)  including 80/100 in the attendance and task. And you graduate with distinction if you receive 80/100 marks in both Presentation Test (Test-1) and 80/100 in Persuasive Test (Test-2) including 80/100 in the attendance and task.

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